The Series

The Candlestick Journey

Join author Suzanne Manar Noukahoua in a highly visual and engaging book series for ages 3-10.

Riddle and rhyme, meter and tone are an ancient form of teaching through song memorization. This book series takes the visual concepts of reading candlestick patterns on price charts for stocks, and wraps those patterns in rhymes and poems to help young children (and parents) systematically acquire a foundation in the study of Japanese candlestick patterns. The series divides the individual candlesticks into the first books in the series, ending the series with stories built around the candlestick combinations and their signals.

The magical journey to the world of chart trading for toddlers and elementary students has just begun. The Doji's Rumble opens our journey in the beautiful landscape of Japan and the historical battle between the clawed and horned creatures both real and mystical. Later in 2021 we will take our children on a pirate adventure in search of the lost cities of the seas where fire can be found swimming and the birds of the galaxies fill the atmosphere with the purest of floating water.

Over the coming years we hope you, and your children will join us as we adventure to lands abroad and galaxies afar, searching for the wisdom of the Candlestick in the fantastical worlds of the Candlestick Journey Book Series.

"The series takes us to the highest mountains, and to the depths of the seas,
Where we'll find pirates and wild creatures and adventures galore, you'll see."
— Suzanne

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