The Author

Suzanne Manar Noukahoua

Suzanne Manar Noukahoua is a Syrian-American legal advisor, options trader, kids’ clothing line creator and author based in Koblenz, Germany. Suzanne spent her life traveling the world, studying multi-languages, and nurturing a vibrant career as a researcher and legal advisor.

Following her husband’s sudden and tragic death, Suzanne became a single mother to her 6 month old son Xavier, and 3 year old daughter Soraya. After an unimaginable journey from Germany to Switzerland, to Spain and finally Cameroon, Suzanne laid her best friend to rest in his ancestral home.

Upon their return to Germany, CoVid-19 was sweeping across Europe. During the early days of quarantine Suzanne was driven to sharpen her trading skills. Restless nights led to hours of studying, practicing and broadening her trading skills, and eventually becoming an advanced options educator. Her efforts were not only to support her colleagues and friends, but to also teach her own young children the invaluable skill of trading.

Over the months of quarantine Suzanne began weaving colorful fantastical tales around the ancient art and study of Japanese Candlesticks. Suzanne made up countless stories of Xavier and Soraya in fantastical lands using metaphors and analogies to help her children gain at least an awareness of Japanese Candlestick patterns and how to identify them. Night after night Suzanne’s tales became more vivid, more dramatic and all the more fantastical. Thus, like Shahrazad’s One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, The Candlestick Journey was born.

Follow the Noukahoua Kids as they journey from Japanese Valleys, to cities hidden beneath the seas, and around a galaxy of fantastical journeys. The books are dedicated to the Noukahoua Kids and to the memory of Yanick M. Noukahoua.

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