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Liberating Wealth: Decolonized Money

Announcing a new collaboration: Trade Speakeasy and artist Fabien Diffe

In honor of Juneteenth, Trade Speakeasy and Cameronian artist Fabien Diffe are releasing Limited Edition Decolonize Money Art Prints. The series honors those before us who were not able to experience the fullness of liberty, dignity, and emancipation.  This set of 12 unique art prints highlights the indignity slavery and colonization have played and elevates the common power our members share in their financial liberation to change the narrative of wealth.

Fabien Diffe

Artist Fabien Diffe.

The Decolonize Money series was inspired by Fabien Diffe Kamga's personal experience growing up in Cameroon where the local currency (CFA Francs) is printed in France. The deep wounds left by colonial powers on the African continent have been pervasive: destabilizing commodity flows, leaving behind puppet governments, and embedding ethnic hierarchies that have led to genocide, war, and famine.  Colonization has left behind deep wounds, which hindered innovation and development crippling individual African countries from printing their own currency locally. 

decolonized money

The Decolonize Money series of twelve unique images highlights both the wounds left by colonization and war, but also the current hurdles in education, culture, and infrastructure that limit individual countries from achieving robust independence in the symbol of local currency.

This Juneteenth, the Trade Speakeasy has partnered with Diffe to offer our community an artistic emblem about a past that no one can or should forget. The art's strong imagery reinforced the ongoing importance of uprooting the branding of colonialism and enslavement left on communities of color and highlighting Africa's unique history, culture, art, leadership, and global trade value.

The prints are available as a set of 12 8" x 6" prints on art card, each hand numbered and printed in a strictly limited edition of 50 sets. Each set is $39.95 plus shipping, printed in Switzerland and delivered to you from our U.S. hub.


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